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Re: [s-d] Proto-Prop: Card cleaning, new cards

On Aug 6, 2004, at 4.14 AM, Glotmorf wrote:

On 6 Aug 2004 at 2:09, Daniel Lepage wrote:

[[Fix existing Card texts]]

Amend the definition of Looting the Corpse to change "on Forced Leave"
to "in The Vat".

While I see this as logical, given the reason for The Vat (and
I'm all for the "go through his pockets and look for change"
approach), I must wonder if this will then be a telephone-like
reward: the first person to see that a player has been
inactive, pays three points and plays the card gets to loot
the corpse.

Is this desirable?  Or do you feel that that is a sufficiently
uncommon set of circumstances?

We need some incentive for people to put players in the Vat, and Looting the Corpse provides this incentive. It's not all that telephonical because it costs points to do it, and the competition to get there first is only among the small set of players who a) are active, b) have Looting the Corpse, and c) haven't drawn yet that nweek.

So Yes it is desirable and Yes it will be a reasonably uncommon set of circumstances.

The other thing I'm considering is proposing a cards-specific state of inactivity. You'd get put in it when somebody targeted you with a card like YSHTMF that requires you to do something, and you failed to do it in a timely manner. Then cards like Looting would target the cardwise-inactive, even if they're not the same players as the gamewise-inactive.


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