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On Aug 1, 2004, at 5.50 PM, Jeremy Cook wrote:

I also don't like p1892. I think my job would be easier if elections for
Ministers were automatic every nweek, and I were always the one to call
them and choose a selection method.

I don't like anything that happens automatically like that. If events only happen when somebody says that they happen, then we no longer have any need for recognizers, etc. If the elections started every nweek and you got to choose the selection method, then we'd be in trouble if you were sick or otherwise absent at the beginning of an nweek - we'd know that an election had been called, but we wouldn't know what sort of votes to cast. The only ways I can see to solve this problem are either to stop the clock when this happens (I hate doing that, too) or to prevent the election from happening until somebody says it happens. If you're the only one who can call them, then we're still in trouble if you get sick, because we'd need to wait for you to come back and call the election.

Perhaps a better way would be to allow you to call and choose a method, but if you don't within a few days, it falls to a Duty that anyone can invoke (with them counting the votes, etc.)?

In general, I'd like to rebuild the game in such a way that any single player could disappear for any length of time, and the game would be able to continue normally. At the moment that's not true: if anyone but me leaves, the game can go on just fine because I'll be require to take over for em, but I'm not allowed to go on vacation because the ruleset, the cardlist, and the proposal bank are all tied to me.

That's why I'd like Ministers generating XML and sending it around, not because I couldn't write wiki macros to put things directly into the database from forms, but because I'd like it if the game could go on even if I run out of free time.

Speaking of which, I'll be out of town all day tomorrow and most of sunday. I'll be back on Monday with the Ballot, hopefully.


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