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Re: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts toward a universal Nomic calendar

Glad you're here, Aquarion. Having each year a different length is a great
idea, but it should be deterministic - for instance, we could use the nth
term in the continued fraction for pi. And I like your names, but may I
suggest 'Strange' and 'Charm' instead of the more prosaic quarks 'Up' and
There's also the advantage that we could all get extra Charm in the Charm

And Wonko's right: the week length should not be a multiple of seven for
that reason.

Zarpint the Incomplete

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Aquarion wrote:

> Daniel Lepage wrote:
> > If I may interrupt your dialog for a moment...
> >
> > There was a reason why Dave chose the ten-day week for B Nomic, and it
> > was precisely to avoid the sort of regularity you seem to be aiming
> > for. The idea was that different times of week are better for
> > different people to vote - some people might have many weekend
> > commitments, so to be fair, the vote should fall at different times
> > every nweek.
> >
> > I personally don't like the idea of a 14-day nweek; I'd much prefer
> > seven if you want it to match "real time", but frankly, I like the
> > ten. Or at least, I liked the ten, back when nweeks were fairly
> > reliably 10 days... we just need to redesign things so that we don't
> > need to stop game time every three days.
> >
> > As for discordianism... I prefer to avoid mainstream chaos. This is B
> > Nomic, where chaos radiates outward from us like Flies from a Rotting
> > Whale Corpse that's just been Blown Up Rather Nastily. We certainly
> > don't need to bring the chaos of others into this mess.
> >
> So, Five seasons of a random number of nweeks per season (between two
> and twenty) labeled "Up", "Down" "Sex appeal", "Peppermint" and
> "Yesterday", where the random number is defined at the beginning of
> every nyear?
> (Hi, I'm Aquarion, and I'll be your Newbie just as soon as I've
> understood the rules a little better)
> --
> Aquarion
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