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RE: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts toward a universal Nomic calendar

We need Holidays as well, outside of the main nweek calendar. They should
be Full of Stars, of course.

For instance, a fifth of a year is 73 days. That's five of these nweeks
(which should now be called nfortnights?) plus three days left over for
Holidays, when we can party and drink more than usual.


On Sat, 10 Apr 2004, Craig wrote:

> >That plan would be good, but to work it needs a longer first period
> >and a fixed calendar, or we'll lose track of when we can submit.
> >The web page clock is often inaccurate - it would be good to know
> >precisely when the period ends. And midnight Eastern would be a lot
> >easier than Zulu for days to end at, since we wouldn't have to keep
> >track of daylight savings time going on and off, and I wouldn't have
> >to look up how far off England is every time.
> What if we used a six-day first checkpoint and two four-day ones after? That
> gets us back to my proposal of synchronizing the voting period with
> alternate weekends; maybe voting could always be friday through monday. In
> other words:
> Tuesday through Sunday: First Checkpoint, full of Proposals.
> Monday through Thursday: Second Checkpoint, full of Debate.
> Friday through Monday: Third Checkpoint, full of Votes.
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