David E. Smith on Mon, 5 Apr 2004 00:30:01 -0500 (CDT)

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[spoon-discuss] Gold Stars v2.0

I proto-propose:

{{ __Gold Stars v2.0__

[[ The original version of Gold Stars was motivated primarily by my greed.
This version is motivated more by my selflessness than anything. :-) ]]

Create a new rule:

{{ __Gold Stars__

There may exist one or more Gold Stars. Gold Stars may only be created or
destroyed as specified in this rule.

The Administrator may create, but may not possess, any number of Gold
Stars. Upon creation, Gold Stars must immediately be transferred to an
active Player. The creation of Gold Stars must be announced by the
Administrator on a Public Forum.

No player may possess more than three Gold Stars at a time. Players may
not exchange, barter, or otherwise transfer Gold Stars amongst themselves.

At any time, a Player may choose to destroy a Gold Star in eir possession.
The player may (but is not required to) specify ONE of the following
effects to occur at the time the Gold Star is destroyed:

* Two extra votes are cast on a proposal that is currently being voted
upon. These votes may be cast for or against any proposal, subject to the
following limitations: (a) These votes may only be cast in situations
where extra votes for Philosophies would be permitted [[ i.e. not on
Unauthored Props, or any other situation where more than one vote per
player would be permitted ]], and (b) These votes do not count as votes
for the purpose of determining whether an Administrative Veto is available
[[ i.e. if something could be vetoed, but crosses the admin veto threshold
solely because of Gold Star votes, I can still veto it ]]

* The deadline for Garbage Collection for this player is extended by two

* The player may draw one Card from the Deck, regardless of any other
limitations or effects that might prevent the player from drawing a Card


[[ The wording on some of the above is awfully fuzzy. Suggestions on how
to better get the effect I'm looking for on votes? For that matter, any
other small bennies that might be desirable as a Gold Star effect? ]]


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