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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: finance and such

What if, under Sagitta's ingenious scheme:

1. The Twiddler spends all eir money on some widget W.
2. When e sees that most other players still have most of eir money, e
3. Changes the money supply to 1/9999999999999999 what it was before, and
4. Sells back W at its "fixed" price, which is now worth 999999999999999
(or however many nines I typed there) more than before.

Under such a system, inflation would be unlimited and entirely at the
Twiddler's discretion. Players would spend as quickly as possible, just
like Weimar, but after they did, the Twiddler would just make eir
nonexistent money worth more so his hoards would be worth more.

That essentially allows the Twiddler to set all Players' balances.

I do like the idea of restricting the amount of currency printed, so I
am posting that limit on the Basin.


- The Basin may only increase the Tildex supply by twice the amount it
did the previous week.
- All balances must be public.
- We all get ~ when this passes.
- I clarified the responsibilities of Twiddler.

I change the text of "Kill the BNS" to:

{{__Kill the BNS__

Change the text of Rule 21.A.2 to the following ~~~ delimited text:

A.2. Tildex
There exists a unit of currency called the Tilde. "Tildex" is a plural of
"Tilde". A number of Tildex may be referred to as Y~, ~Y, ~ Y, or Y ~, where
Y is the number. [[Y not??]]

There exists an entity known as "the Great Tilde Basin and Punctuation
Exchange, Somewhat Limited", which may be referred to as the Basin. The
Basin may create or destroy Tildex, but only as specified by the Rules,
and under no circumstances may the number of Tildex in existence be more
than the greater of 10000 and W + 2(W-P), where W is the number of Tildex
in existence at the beginning of the current nweek, and P is the number
of Tildex in existence at the beginning of the previous nweek.
When the rules dictate that a player shall receive Tildex without
specifying a source, the Basin creates them and gives them to the Player.
When the rules dictate that a player loses or has Tildex taken from em
without a destination, the Basin takes them and destroys them.

10000~ may be referred to as a Myriad. (G* 10000)~ may be denoted "G??",
where G is a real number.

All Players should be able to easily find out the amount of Tildex
any game entity possesses by consulting an available public display.

On entering the game, a Player receives 500~.

Change Rule 625.C.3 to the following ?? delimited text:

C.3. Ministry of Twiddles

There exists a Ministry of Twiddles. The Minister of Twiddles may be referred                                                                                          to as "Twiddler". Twiddler is responsible for maintaining the correct and
current amount of Tildex each game entity possesses in an available public
display. Twiddler has no other powers except as explicitly stated in the Rules.

Twiddler shall be given 50~ at the beginning of each nweek.

Remove all BNS, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and The Bank from the game.

Give all players ~500.

Throughout the entire Ruleset, replace the text "BNS" with the text "~".

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, [iso-8859-1] Bill Adlam wrote:

> Teucer wrote:
> > I think I heard about this. Supposedly some homes had their walls
> > papered in
> > bills, because wallpaper cost more money than an equivalent area of
> > paper
> > currency.
> Hang on, I've had a better idea.  Not about interior design - what
> could be more magnificent or tasteful than a room lined with small
> green portraits of our glorious Admin? - but about monetary policy.  We
> could have a currency that inflates and deflates automatically to suit
> prevailing circumstancces, much like a fish's swim bladder.
> A target money supply, say ~1000, is set by proposal.  At the end of
> each nweek, the Minister of Twiddles computes a scaling factor, and
> multiplies everyone's holdings of Tildex by the same amount, to give a
> total in circulation (after rounding) as close as possible to the
> target figure.
> It is then safe to fix prices, prizes, premiums, profits, plunder,
> penalties, pay-offs, write-offs, rewards, receipts, revenues,
> quotations, bids, bribes, bonuses, bounties, backhanders, fares, fees,
> fines, costs, kickbacks, mark-ups, wages, taxes, tips, takings,
> treasure trove, estimates, expenses, emoluments, offers, valuations,
> dues, duties, deductions, donations, discounts, losses, income,
> interest, charges, surcharges, salaries, sweeteners, and other sums.
> But players can still relish the thrill of seeing their savings
> appreciate, or (even more satisfying) their neighbours' hoards dwindle.
> Sagitta
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