Bill Adlam on Thu, 18 Mar 2004 16:50:09 -0600 (CST)

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[spoon-discuss] Re: finance and such

Teucer wrote:

> I think I heard about this. Supposedly some homes had their walls
> papered in
> bills, because wallpaper cost more money than an equivalent area of
> paper
> currency.

Hang on, I've had a better idea.  Not about interior design - what
could be more magnificent or tasteful than a room lined with small
green portraits of our glorious Admin? - but about monetary policy.  We
could have a currency that inflates and deflates automatically to suit
prevailing circumstancces, much like a fish's swim bladder.

A target money supply, say ~1000, is set by proposal.  At the end of
each nweek, the Minister of Twiddles computes a scaling factor, and
multiplies everyone's holdings of Tildex by the same amount, to give a
total in circulation (after rounding) as close as possible to the
target figure.

It is then safe to fix prices, prizes, premiums, profits, plunder,
penalties, pay-offs, write-offs, rewards, receipts, revenues,
quotations, bids, bribes, bonuses, bounties, backhanders, fares, fees,
fines, costs, kickbacks, mark-ups, wages, taxes, tips, takings,
treasure trove, estimates, expenses, emoluments, offers, valuations,
dues, duties, deductions, donations, discounts, losses, income,
interest, charges, surcharges, salaries, sweeteners, and other sums. 
But players can still relish the thrill of seeing their savings
appreciate, or (even more satisfying) their neighbours' hoards dwindle.


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