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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: finance and such

Zarpint asked:

> What if, under Sagitta's ingenious scheme:
> 1. The Twiddler spends all eir money on some widget W.
> 2. When e sees that most other players still have most of eir money,
> e
> 3. Changes the money supply to 1/9999999999999999 what it was before,
> and
> 4. Sells back W at its "fixed" price, which is now worth
> 999999999999999
> (or however many nines I typed there) more than before.
I never protoproposed giving the MoT authority to alter monetary
policy, only to implement it.  E could gain some advantage by selling
towards the end of an nweek when players have spent a lot of money, or
buying when they have received a lot, but this exploit is limited in
scope and equally available to all other players.

E then altered eir finance proposal (albeit in a private forum) to

> The
> Basin may create or destroy Tildex, but only as specified by the
> Rules,
> and under no circumstances may the number of Tildex in existence be
> more
> than the greater of 10000 and W + 2(W-P), where W is the number of
> Tildex
> in existence at the beginning of the current nweek, and P is the
> number
> of Tildex in existence at the beginning of the previous nweek.
> When the rules dictate that a player shall receive Tildex without
> specifying a source, the Basin creates them and gives them to the
> Player.
> When the rules dictate that a player loses or has Tildex taken from
> em
> without a destination, the Basin takes them and destroys them.

Remember that a later section of a rule takes precedence over an
earlier one.  So Tildex will be created even if this exceeds the limit.


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