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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

>>>Shelve.  [[Nearest I can tell, this would create an entirely new rule without getting rid of the current rule.]]
>>-Unless I missed something, and I don't think I did (I went to the full ruleset and searched on the page for "player") there isn't any current rule to get rid of.-
>The first paragraph of r13, while not nearly as extensive as your proposal, covers the same area: "A player is any entity who is capable of passing the Turing test, consents to said designation as a player, has become a player in the manner described in the rules, and who consents to be governed by the rules."
>We ought to trash that, when your prop passes.
-If for no reason other than it prevents any new players from joining.-

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