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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Speaking of mayhem...


>Did my Imaginary Friends scam predate you?  Somehow I thought you were around longer than that.  I created 20-some imaginary friends and had them all vote in favor of a proposal that declared me the winner.  Dave's reaction, a few hours before the end of voting, was, "Okay, but I'll need an email address for each one."  Hanfway through frantically creating Yahoo email addresses, I decided to just appreciate the absurdity instead.
-I judged that you were off your rocker. That was my "welcome to the game, here's a CFJ" CFJ. But this isn't that scam. You created imaginary voting entities. I joined. Over and over and over.-
> many players have you declared yourself to be?  Better get crankin' on those email addresses...
-Show me where in the rules it says I need to do that...-

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