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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

>>>> -Apologies to Mr. McGee, but it is because e did /not/ seriously
>>>> exploit this scam that e doesn't get a "Lord" title. And your Kick is
>>>> unjustified - not granting someone respect is not hostility. And how
>>>> many times have you ripped someone off? I remember having about 600
>>>> points at one point, up until someone - probably you - pulled a scam
>>>> that destroyed them. That's hostile if this is, wouldn't you say?-
>>> By 'Rip someone off' I do not mean 'cause someone to lose points'. I
>>> mean that e found a perfectly good scam and you grabbed it. I'll
>>> concede that since e didn't exploit it, e probably shouldn't get a
>>> 'lord' title; but I definitely don't think that anyone else should get
>>> one. 'Lord' should be reserved for people who did something clever and
>>> got a Win from it; all you did was take Anything McGee's cleverness 
>>> and
>>> try to get a Win from it. Which is perhaps knightworthy, but certainly
>>> not lordworthy.
>> What cleverness? What McGee did was to make a statement in a prop that 
>> he edidn't even realise was going to be so large. e did it by mistake
>Not exactly by mistake, if I read eir msgs correctly; e just didn't 
>realize the full implications of it. That doesn't change the fact that 
>nobody else did anything particularly clever either.
-From where I stand, Wonko, you're not making the most stable argument. You're saying, essentially, that we shouldn't jump on possible ways to win as fast as possible, which is something you've been doing for a while now. You even take people's scams when you don't agree with them, just on the off chance that you're wrong. But the one time you don't do this, you've got the moral high ground? I think not. As things stand, you're the only one arguing Anything's case here. If e doesn't have a problem with it (and indeed is being a far better sport about this than I would have expected, even trying to repay me points /you/ tried to take), why do you?-

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