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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

On Wednesday, July 30, 2003, at 09:08  PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:
Proposal 1603/1: Political Go (Rob)

Shelve. As this subgame depends on the rules defining 'players' and
'checkpoints', it would not be 'the application of a single rule';
therefore, under r1592, it would have no effect.
-Well, in that case no subgame can exist. Great. Anyone else want to
completely ignore this?-

I'd say we'd best repeal r1592.

-I think we need to give Dave "screw that" powers. It would solve this problem and so many others if we could ignore a rule long enough to patch the hole in it. Not holes that lead to scams, mind you, but problems like we'd get if this proposal passes.-

The Council of Elders was supposed to do that, I think; but it never worked. And now it's gone. Or asleep. Or something.

Proposal 1612/0: What does not kill me nets me a title (Fatally
		 Flawed) (Baron von Skippy)

No. Because even with a Fatal Flaw, you'll still lose points.
-You know, there's a wide line between "friendly competition" and
"being a royal ass," and you've crossed it.-

You gave me a choice between effectively voting to give you extra
bandwidth, and voting to take away a few of your points. What did you
expect me to do? :)

-Vote "yes" or abstain. You know, like most everyone else is doing.-

And what does that do for me? Besides lose me points, I mean.


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