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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

>> Proposal 1589/1: Setting Stuff on Fire For Fun and Profit (Baron von 
>> Skippy)
>No. And for Unbridled Hostility towards Anything McGee, I kick the 
>Baron in the Ass. Anything found the hole, and didn't even seriously 
>exploit it; this is a pure ripoff of Anything's scam. I especially 
>disagree with the proposed titles - if anyone deserves to be "Lord of 
>the Failure Scam", it's Mr. McGee.

-Apologies to Mr. McGee, but it is because e did /not/ seriously exploit this scam that e doesn't get a "Lord" title. And your Kick is unjustified - not granting someone respect is not hostility. And how many times have you ripped someone off? I remember having about 600 points at one point, up until someone - probably you - pulled a scam that destroyed them. That's hostile if this is, wouldn't you say?-

>> Proposal 1603/1: Political Go (Rob)
>Shelve. As this subgame depends on the rules defining 'players' and 
>'checkpoints', it would not be 'the application of a single rule'; 
>therefore, under r1592, it would have no effect.
-Well, in that case no subgame can exist. Great. Anyone else want to completely ignore this?-

>> Proposal 1611/2: Players (Baron von Skippy)
>No. But if this passes, I'll forfeit you for you.
-I still don't understand or agree with you. On the other hand... hmm, interesting thought I'll have to look into.-
>> Proposal 1612/0: What does not kill me nets me a title (Fatally
>> 		 Flawed) (Baron von Skippy)
>No. Because even with a Fatal Flaw, you'll still lose points.
-You know, there's a wide line between "friendly competition" and "being a royal ass," and you've crossed it.-

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