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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Gutting the Carcass

>>> H. Failed Proposals
>>> When a proposal fails, the following effects occur in order.
>>> The author of the proposal loses 1d6 points.
>>> Other effects specifically related to proposal failure, such as Charm 
>>> and Entropy
>>> adjustments, occur.
>> -Ooohbugger. Anything, you've found something... I'd say that "if this 
>> proposal fails, do blah" falls pretty neatly under the heading of 
>> "effects specifically related to proposal failure." Pardon me whilst I 
>> profit from this.-
>No, that's effects specifically related to the failure of proposals in 
>general, not to yours in particular. Besides which, the text of your 
>proposal only matters if your prop passes; so the failure bit is only a 
>failure effect of your prop if your prop passes.

-That's what you think, all right.-
>But thanks for wasting most of your bandwidth on props that will do 
>nothing but lose you score and charm... always good to gain a little 
>more relative advantage.
-Mmm, nice to see that the spirit of friendly competition is still alive and well in this game... anyway, I have no use for score (what is it except a measure of how much you stand to lose to a scam?) or charm (1 point of Charm = 10 BNS per week, but my Ministerial salary effectively adds 7.5 to my Charm, and I still have more BNS than anyone, so this isn't that big a deal.), really. And as for bandwidth... *shrug* What else am I going to spend it on? And what's the point of playing a game if you're not willing to risk a little?-

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