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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>>>> -(Haran?)
>>>> Isn't Shadar Haran that Myrdraal who issues all of the Dark Lord's
>>>We could just declare that the title of the third minister is Ba'alzamon,
>>>and that Drones are Shadowspawn of various types, by level:
>>-Hmm... how about: -
>>>0 Trolloc
>>>1 Darkfriend
>I sense editing. This takes care of Vague Evil nicely, but Trolloc shouldn't
>be what any Drone who is uninvolved is.

-Then... hmm, probably just take Trolloc off entirely.-
>>>2 Myrdraal
>>>3 Dreadlord
>>>4 Black Ajah (nothing up to this can normally channel)
>I thought the Dreadlords could channel?
>::checks glossary:: If Dreadlords can't channel, it's news to Jordan.
-Oh. Well, then should they go above or below Black Ajah? Probably above, I'd think. Dreadlords are commanders of the Dark One's armies, and the Black Ajah are small potatoes.-
>>>5 Forsaken
>>>6 Ba'alzamon (the sixth level is the Minister)
>Exactly. Ba'alzamon, which in the Trolloc tongue means "Great Heart of the
>Dark", is the Darkfriends' name for the Dark One. Or did I put it as the
>seventh level by mistake?
-I was clarifying. There isn't really a sixth level, especially with the current (and in need of replacing) formula for mana regeneration, which would mean that a sixth-level channeler gets 1/(6-6)*their mana back each nweek.-
>>>Of course, Vague Evil doesn't exist in the books, and Myrdraal isn't
>>>a rank, but oh well. Once the kinks get worked out, it's a good idea. Or
>>>can wait a month and get the final version of my c-p-p.
>>-What if instead of this, we simply had there be a Black Ajah? (They aren't
>mutually exclusive ideas, but it's easier not to have two types
>>of Black Ajah, so it would be easier to pick one or the other.) People
>could be Black Ajah and they would report to the Minister of the
>>Black Ajah (Alviarin?) for some of their channeling actions and to the
>appropriate other Minister for others, and would have a second pool
>>of mana for evil purposes, tracked by the Black Ajah minister (with regular
>reports to Dave to make sure everything is in order; don't want
>>them to be /too/ evil, now), whose identity would also be secret.
>Hm, that might be fun. Of course, there would have to be some corresponding
>evil group among the Asha'man. Also, you shouldnn't be able to join the
>Black Ajah until you are full Aes Sedai.
-I'd say Black Ajah would just be a blanket term for all of them, regardless of gender.-
>We could also have a player or two be declared to be a Forsaken in disguise,
>reporting to the Minister of the Black Ajah and having powers vastly
>superior to those they seem to everyone else to have.
>Oh, and maybe the Forsaken get to know who is Black Ajah. Or maybe not.
>And the power can only be used as a weapon if you are certain the victim is
>Black Ajah or Forsaken.
-Of course, that makes this a lot more complicated and more people will vote no on it... I'd say develop this idea and try to add it in later.-
>>Of course, knowing this game, we'd end up with a secret society consisting
>of everyone. Newbies beware.-
>I was about to mention that.
>But you simply have to limit who can join.
-True. But enforcing that means telling people how many Black Ajah there are out there.-

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