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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Foomp

>>>So why does it make a difference *where* in the Process?
>>My (possibly faulty) recollection had been that the SoE ended when people
>>stopped recognizing it.

>Without immediately going and looking at the rules, that may well be true.
Which is sort of my point.  When people recognize a state of
>emergency, the Process begins.  Nowhere in the Process, except possibly
within a refresh prop, is there a point of ceasing to recognize a
>state of emergency.  Therefore, we theoretically would launch another
Process as soon as one ended unless we made a point of including in
>the winning refresh prop the cessation of recognition of a state of
emergency.  And since we theoretically don't know which refresh prop
>will be implemented, ALL refresh props would have to declare the cessation
of recognition.  Which seems like a sort of empty ritual when we
>could just as easily make cessation of recognition part of the Process.

But if I'm remembering it right, when people stop recognizing it, we're
immediately back in action. And that means that under your changed version,
all emergencies end instantly.

 -- Teucer

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