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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Political Go

>> Ending the game
>> ---------------
>> The game ends when nobody has made a move for more than an Nweek.

>Is there any guarantee that this will ever happen? Seems to me that if
>nothing else, those players who lost lots of pieces can forestall their
>point loss simply by swapping alliances once an nweek.

It should probably be "The game ends when nobody has placed a stone on the
board for more than an nweek."

>> A Territory is a set of empty board positions, connected by being
>> horizontally or vertically adjacent. Any player who has a stone
>> adjacent
>> to a Territory at the end of the game is considered to own a share of
>> that Territory.
>> If N players own a share of a Territory that contains M empty spaces,
>> then those players each receive M/N points, rounded down.

>Don't the scores rise quite quickly based on the size and shape of the
>territories? Cause if, say, I have stone in the middle of an otherwise
>empty 3x3 block, I'm adjacent to 57 territories, by this rule. That's a
>lotta points.

No, you're adjacent to one. And it has at least 8 spaces.

>> Each player also loses a point for each of eir stones that was captured
>> during the game.

>Seems to me that people can keep playing stones until the board fills
>up. Then scoring kicks in, and nobody gets any points at all. In fact,
>almost every person who plays this game should come out with few points
>than they went in with.

No, because if the board fills up, somebody's stones are all captured.

I take it you've never played Go, Wonko? If not, google it. Try the search
string Weiqi, which is the chinese name for it, since "go" is a common
English verb.

>BTW, would you mind if I ripped off some of this rule to establish an
>Othello or Ataxx subgame?

Ataxx... that's the name series of games from Software Creations Hexxagon
comes from, isn't it?

I love Hexxagon.

By the way, I'm thinking about introducing a variant of the contest I tried
to start in Agora, called Agoran Gamblers' Chess. However, since I'll be out
of town for a while soon, would anyone mind if I just post the Agora rules
here and leave the B translation to y'all?

 -- Teucer

"Well, perl can do pretty much anything as long as it is hard to read."


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