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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 45 RESULTS

>> Wild Card apparently attempted to rejoin the game, but e ceased to be a
>> player at some point in the past, and didn't rejoin on a public forum.
>> SkArcher's attempt to give a point to Wild Card thus fails.

>I think, though, that e never actually ceased to be a player.
>Certainly, e fulfills the requirements to be a player - e did, at one
>point, join the game in a manner prescribed by the rules, e does,
>apparently, consent to be governed by the rules, e can still pass a
>turing test (I assume), and e seems to consent to be called a player.

E did stop. Announcing a deregistration means that you no longer consent.

>In fact, all of those conditions have been true of em since e first
>joined; so according to r13 [[Definitions]] e's been a player the whole
>time, even after e got garbage collected.

Oh, e got garbage collected. Hmm.

Okay, if you don't say anything, you aren't passing any Turing test with
*me*. But e passes it now, and is a player again. Welcome back, Wild Card!

>> There's pretty much nothing left to be done for the nweek transition,
>> except activating a couple of Gnomes.

>Gnomes get activated?
>We still have gnomes?

I think I'll squeeze a gremlin or two.

 -- Craig Daniel

"Nothing exciting here except the day the volcano went off under us and
killed everyone in a torrent of fire. Yep, pretty dull."
 -Baron von Skippy


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