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Re: [spoon-discuss] RE: [Spoon-business] Viva la B!

>> >B Nomic is a soverign nation with territory
>> wherever its players happen to
>> be, and national holidays on December 5 (Founding
>> Day) and X Y
>> >(Independence Day). During national holidays, B
>> Nomic is Partying.
>> These maybe ought to be given in "The xth day of
>> every nyear" - B Nomic
>> holidays occur at a fixed time in the B Nomic
>> calendar, not the calendar of
>> our former imperialist oppressors.
>You mean the Romans?
-Wasn't the current calendar instituted by the Catholics in the 16th century? I remember hearing about some month around then getting chopped up to correct for the difference. I guess the order came out of Rome either way, so yeah, them.-

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