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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>>>>>>> such actions. (because otherwise, the action could change the
>>>>>>>> rules to
>>>>>>>> nullify Dave's veto before Dave got the chance to).
>>>>>>> Dave's veto could be assumed to be retroactive.
>>>>>>>> But what happens if you get sick, or go on vacation? Does
>>>>>>>> everything
>>>>>>>> just shut down?
>>>>>>> You get a new minister?
>>>>>> It is far too complicated to just hot potato on the fly like that,
>>>>>> Its like when teh GridMin vannished
>>>>> -What ever happens when a Minister goes away? This is a problem with
>>>>> any Ministry, not just this one. What about a backup Minister? Or
>>>>> something like that? And
>>>> don't ask me what happens if the second Minister goes away as well.
>>>> You might as well ask "what if SkyNet blows us all to kingdom come?"
>>>> Well, then the Ministry
>>>> won't be updated, will it?-
>>>> And the resulting discrepancies, undetermined game state and hassles
>>>> don't instantly make you declare this fatally flawed?
>>> -Not unless you want to destroy all the Ministries for the same reason
>>> and give all the work back to Dave. Every new person who does some
>>> work increases the odds that we have a pause in some section of the
>>> game. This is nothing new. So why is it a big problem now?-
>>Because small pauses in things like Gnomes and the Force don't make
>>that much of a difference. Pauses in things like The Grid, though, have
>>been very bad. For a similarly large Ministry, such as your proposed
>>Source ministry, I imagine this would be a significant problem.
>-This assumes a steady stream of channeling actions, which I'm not sure
we'll see. But we can establish failsafes anyway. What if the
>M'Hael/Keeper were backup ministers? And what if they were simply the most
experienced, as opposed to most experienced and fully trained?
>Would that help some?-
>>Actually, I've been thinking about how to take care of pauses in
>>ministries in general, because they are bad and annoying. A delay of a
>>day or two is only to be expected; we can't reasonably demand that
>>every minister check eir email every day. But long delays are bad in
>>any ministry, even the small ones.
>>If we set up a Wiki system, then I can see this working; we could
>>establish societies in charge of maintaining things like the Grid, and
>>the Duties system can handle all the trivial ministries.
>-Do we have the people to make "societies" worthwhile?-

If not, we just mention ourselves in a few more magazines and presto!

 -- Teucer

"Are we adjorned? Or just completely ignoring order?"

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