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RE: [Spoon-business] RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: AesSedai

>>>> Upstate New York. Don't talk to me about weather.
>>> Does this count as a "do not reply to this post" post?
>>>  Cuz I just wanted to say it rained here for the whole
>>> damn month of May...
>>I've seen days in May go by where we had snow, rain, hail, and bright
>>sunny weather, all within the space of two hours. Repeatedly, in fact -
>>it was bright and sunny; then it suddenly clouded over and started
>>pouring; then it stopped and cleared again; then it suddenly cooled
>>down, reclouded, and hailed; then it warmed up and went through snow to
>>slush then just to rain again; and then the wind picked up so it turned
>>all sunny again.
>>We've also had some earthquakes; I don't know if that counts as
>-Nothing exciting here except the day the volcano went off under us and
killed everyone in a torrent of fire. Yep, pretty dull.-

This game is way too quotable for a one-quote-prop-per-week limit. I'm not
sure whether to replace the crack comment with this for my qp for the week.
Decisions, decisions.

 -- Teucer

"They didn't find it odd the Emporer was travelling around in a cart of

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