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RE: RE: [Spoon-business] RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

>>>>>  By repealing the US Code,
>>>>>we lose *all* of American law, including both copyrights and the
>>>>While your at it, do you think you could ammend your proposal to repeal
>>>>things like your constitution, the laws of the several states, all Acts
>>>>Council since William the Conqueror and the laws of and the treaties
>>>>between the other 145 (or so!) countries of the UN? I might vote for it,
>>>>then.... :-)
>>>Yeah, might as well. I amend the proposal as follows:
>>>The laws of each nation and each region thereof, and of the United
>>>are repealed.

>not that the US has a tendency to ignore the UN and everyone else recently


B Nomic is not the US. When and if it becomes relevant, B Nomic will have to
get such a tendency on its own.

Besides, we don't ignore everyone - America has noticed the French enough to
have racist jokes about them, and to rename food. We just don't let them
stop us from invading other countries.

By the way, the letters in "Weapons of Mass Destruction" can be rearranged
to spell "US has most, and it's 'for peace'."

 -- Teucer

"best case scenario: free ice cream for all. worst case scenario: world war

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