Daniel Lepage on 15 Jul 2003 23:28:01 -0000

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Re: [Spoon-business] RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

On Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 05:45  PM, Craig wrote:

By the way, the letters in "Weapons of Mass Destruction" can be rearranged
to spell "US has most, and it's 'for peace'."

When last I checked, "US has most, and it's 'for peace'." has a larger supply of 'h's than "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Unless, of course, you're Sean Connery. ("Weaponsh of Mash Deshtructshion indeed.") Or Daffy Duck. ("Aha! I have my Weaponth of Math Dethtruction! And when they Math Dethtruct, they *really* Math Dethtruct!" *pulls trigger* *gun explodes* "Well, whaddya know, they dethtructed...")


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