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RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

>>>Level  Male                  Female
>>>0      Untrained             Untrained
>>>1      soldier               novice
>>>2      Dedicated             Accepted
>>>3      Asha'man              Aes Sedai
>>>4      advanced Asha'man     Sitter
>>>5      M'Hael                Keeper
>>How about if the equivalent of the current Jedi Lord be something like:
>> 6      Dragon                Amyrlin
>-That's what I said at the top of the message in the bit about the
Ministries of Channeling. Those will be the other names for said
>Ministers (well, I'll be using "Amyrlin Seat," but same thing), maybe. I'm
not as sure any more. No one but the ministers starts with any

I see. I had not read the top part, preferring to let the protoproposal
stand on its own merits.

>real power, which seems a tad unfair, especially because the Ministers can
OK any actions they choose to take. I had a different thought
>today that adds more checks and balances to all of this. The Ministers will
be plain ol' newbies like the rest of us, and they must be in
>the /opposite/ gender from their ministry - the Amyrlin will, contrary to
all sense, be male and the Dragon female. If that's too hard to
>swallow, we could have a male Dragon oversee Aes Sedai and a female Amyrlin
oversee Asha'man, which probably fits better with the way the
>White Tower and Rand think anyway... so they'd have that control, but no
more power than anyone else, and all of their actions have to go
>through the other Minister. This sound feasible?-

It sounds weird, is what it sounds.

You could just declare that the Dragon is in charge of what the Amyrlin can
do, and the Amyrlin is in charge of what the Dragon can do.

 -- Teucer

"Dude, God's quite the player."

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