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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>everyone gets a certain number of mana points (or some like term) in each
of the five variants of the

The use of the term mana gives me an idea... What if we have two types of
people who posess mana? The Nobility, or some such, have a large quantity of
mana that slowly replenishes. They can't use it, but they can give it away.
The Wizards, or some such, are the ones who can use mana, but they have to
be given some by the Nobility as they don't have any at first. Thus, if you
want to accomplish some magical effect, you have to have one of each type
working in concert since a Nobleman/woman/drone (Gosh, I can see it now.
"I'd like to join, my name is Foo, and I'm a Nobledrone.") is only likely to
give their mana to someone who's going to help them with it.

 -- Teucer

"Be vewwy vewwy quiet. We're getting mawwied."

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