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Re: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

--- Baron von Skippy <bvs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> -Well, in the WoT series, channelers who saw a trick
> used could usually sort out how to reproduce it,
> unless they were completely useless in that area of
> magic. I was thinking we'd still have a series of
> levels to this - for example, you /cannot/ use
> balefire until you're a fully trained and, indeed,
> advanced Aes Sedai / Asha'man. Also/instead, I was
> thinking that maybe the more you use one of the five
> areas, the more skill you have in it, so just
> because you can afford to create a rainstorm doesn't
> mean you won't end up injuring yourself because of
> it.-

I'm still thinking learning curve, or time put into
complexity.  Granted, the game doesn't have to
resemble reality in any way, but...suppose one did the
equivalent of a laboratory thing, with experiments and
notes and all, and took a week or a month or whatever
to accomplish a specific effect.  Is it that realistic
that someone could see it done and be able to do it

I'm thinking putting effects together might not be too
terribly different from building your car, only the
components are knowledge, skill and inspiration rather
than pipes, boiler and wheels.

> >And...what about combining magic and science? :)
> -Now we're cooking with gas... this is part of what
> makes this flexible system better, that you could do
> something like that (provided the two Ministers see
> no problems with it). I can't think of any such
> mixes offhand, but I can easily see how it would be
> useful to have the option available.-

There are a few variations in Mage of the classic
clown car...a minivan that contains a five-story
mansion, for example.  Such combinations were
sometimes necessary because the technophiles (AKA the
Technocracy) had managed to structure reality to the
point that anyone trying to do things too radical
suffered backlash, and REALLY BAD backlash if they
tried and failed.  So some things had to be hidden
within technology so reality wouldn't catch on.

I suppose we could have clown speeders...though what
you'd do with a speeder full of clowns I have no

-- Glotmorf

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