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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: Games Magazine

[ snip: everyone said everything already ]

Nifty. Sometimes, just sometimes, GOOD things happen over the weekend. :-)

I'm preparing a "Welcome, Games Magazine Readers" page. That magazine
doesn't have the biggest subscriber base, but I expect its readers are
cyber-savvy, and I'd like to prepare for the worst...

What should we say? I don't want to discourage newbies, but I don't want
to deal with fifty or a hundred new players either.

-You could say that... say that the game cannot handle a flood of new players, and that you strongly, strongly recommend reading the rules carefully and maybe watching for a week or two before trying to join. That should weed out some of the less interested.-

(I did the basic research that small snippet requires -- I created a
static page with a copy of the "current" Gremlins rule, and looked up the
history of the now-repealed T-Shirt rule, also on a static page, to
hopefully ease the load on Joel's server.)

(Also also: If need be, I can go register or something and host
it at the office. Moving the site shouldn't be too terribly difficult,
fortunately, and we just put together an obscenely powerful new server
there that could use some stress testing. Actually, that might be fun
anyway, as we could all have our own custom email addresses
for free. And it'll give me another domain for my mad experimental
despamming campaign. ;)

-Oooh... pretty... and then we could all get special B Nomic t-shirts and a secret B Nomic handshake... and no, I'm not being sarcastic. I actually have a vSOI t-shirt somewhere... and no, it wasn't my idea, stop looking at me like that.-


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