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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: State of the Nomic (Nomicron)

yes, Orc.  I respect B Nomic's reaction to the matter.
 For the most part it was refined and appropriate.

I'm retracting my request to play in B Nomic because
your rules are pretty complex and i'm new to Nomics...
 and because I never want to play another game with
BvS ever again.

Wonko knows why.

-Oh, have I mentioned that they nearly worship Wonko? They see you, Wonko, as the only peaceful person in this evil game. And they think you hate me because you asked how we would actually succeed in war while everyone else kept offering ideas. It's really funny, actually, because as far as I can tell, they'd hate your ideas. You propose a lot of things, you don't agree with their philosophies (as I can see), you think too much for them to hold you, and you like to use loopholes instead of worshipping the ruleset as a golden idol. Oh, and you've gone 15 months since I joined without killing me, so they'd hate you.-


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