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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: State of the Nomic (Nomicron)

I told you the Nomic world might need damage control against this
'quarksbar9' fellow. Are e and 'deltanine' (both ending with 9) connected in any way, or is it a coincidince?

I think all we can do is try to show quarksbar9 the truth of the matter (which I think we have on these board), and hope that he takes the initative. Anything that we personally do would just look like trying to cover ourselves.

-I hope I'm not getting too repetitive, but QB9, or deltanine, or sam nichols, is immune to the truth of the matter. She is loyal only to Nomicron and their way of life, which is anathema to ours, I'm afraid. We can best cover ourselves by acting like nothing has been done wrong, because nothing has.-


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