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Re: [spoon-discuss] Be careful what you wish for

Citizens of Thermodynomic.  Last week I requested to join B Nomic,
but have not heard anything from them.  Now they are in a "state of
emergency" so I decided to read their April discussion archives at
200304/threads.html to get better informed on the B Nomic culture.


This whole mess is pretty damn unethical if you ask me and I'll be
alerting every Nomic they listed in this thread.  Plus I will never
join B Nomic as long as these bunch of jerks rule the roost.

sam nichols

Is 'quarksbar9' subscribed to both lists? E states here that e requested to join B Nomic, but has heard nothing from us... yet a number of messages were posted to the effect that a name was required, etc.... Did these not get to em?

And is the last paragraph there supposed to be a declaration of Forfeiture?

And BTW, I resent the implication that Glotmorf and BvS 'rule the roost' here :)

-*looks at Glotmorf* *looks at Wonko* You mean we don't? Really?-


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