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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Sunday night)

BvS's big Grid stuff:
The Crazy Squid is dead, long live Crazy Squid II.  Barney is removed from
the Grid for a while. Yay. The IID is fired up (uhoh) and BvS, though
surviving the trip, becomes a remarkably cute penguin (which is identical
to being a Toad in all but name).
-Well, if you've got to be a penguin, be a cute one... oh, don't forget the Improbable. It appears when an IID is triggered.-

Total costs: 60 points to vSOI, 30 points to the gods of planar geometry.

BvS' attempt to purchase whichever Grid square it was e tried to purchase
fails: The price is 500, not 300, BNS, and is payable to me, not the Bank.
-Why does that make it fail...? I have the money to buy it at either price.-

BvS drinks 4 beers (which, ironically, I don't think have a BAC penalty
associated with them), and two Tea (+3 Style points). E can't recycle the
Beer Cans, as beer created from Beer Gnomes doesn't leave cans behind (per
the Gnomes rule).
-Well, there goes the rest of that plan, then...-

Wonko has the Pink Scarf taken from em and given to Glotmorf.

Rob kicks Glotmorf in the Ass.

Happy New Nyear:
Wonko claims a free Beer (happy new nYear).
Glotmorf claims a free PJP (you brave soul).
-I claimed a Beer too.-

The Wobbly Duck and Wand of GR! effort is blocked by "Thou Shalt Not Screw
With Time."  Nice try, though. If we had Gold Stars, you'd get one.
-Yay, I'm a penguin with an imaginary gold star!-


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