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RE: [spoon-discuss] Nomic Market will begin whenever

>> >> Anyway, for now the Market will use the mailing list
>> >> nomicmarket@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and its web archives will be at
>> >> , if anyone with the
>> >> to host mailing lists wishes to get it off of yahoogroups, I'm cool
>> >> that; just let me know.
>> >Yo!
>> > seems like a good place for this. Over the weekend I'll make
>> >a list called nomicmarket.
>>Great. I'll put up a disclaimer on the yahoo group that it is temporary.
>>I've invited Agora, btw, since it would be cool to have the
>>Nomic ever taking this seriously.
>-I just informed Nomicron. They'll say no, because they're like that, but
>what the hell.-

My message to Agora didn't go through. Not sure why not, since I'm still
subscribed to the list.

-I was wrong! They seem to like it thus far. The big question is about rulesets imposing on one another...-


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