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Re: [spoon-discuss] Nomic Market will begin whenever

>>Any player of any Nomic on the List may declare emself to be at the
>>subject to the rules of eir home Nomic.
>"Home Nomic" isn't well-defined, and won't work well when players play in
>multiple Nomics; I would suggest that as a part of the declaration, a
>must choose a Nomic on the List that e is is player of to be eir home

You forget that nomics recognize things within their own spheres of existence. Therefore a player recognized in B Nomic is different from a player recognized in Thermodynomic, even if the corporeal entity driving both is the same.


-In any case, there's nothing saying the items mean anything in the other Nomic. For example, if I took the Atomic Bomb from Nomicron, what would it do here? What does Whoopass do there? And what happens if I set them both off in Thermo?-


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