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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Uh... Crap...

From: "Baron von Skippy" <baronvonskippy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Nothing defines Wobbly Ducks in the ruleset, either. Doesn't mean I can just make or them out of the blue.

What the gell (not a typo). We need a quick fix.

I modify vSET's Charter to read: "Baron von Skippy may define and create objects at will, provided that those objects and the new definitions of those objects do not exist for longer than 12 hours each. Definitions created in this way take precedence over everythign except themselves."

You can't change the gamestate unless a rule says you can. This is a charter, not a rule.

-Do the rules really say what a charter can and cannot do at this point?-

We have to do is a follow the rules, as that's what Rule 10, "Follow the Rules", says we have to do. But nothing says anything has to "follow the charters". Just like nothing says anything has to "follow Orc in a Spacesuit". A charter or player or whatever can say anything, but the only thing that actually has effect is a current rule.

Orc in a Spacesuit

-Then no one fecking won, did they? Can we go home now?-

Here's how I'm claiming I'm winning:
*Societies can modify their charters.
*I have a society that does what I say it does.
*My society modifies its charter to make me omnipotent, but at this point this is a do-nothing as it is not a rule.
*My society modifies its charter to be a rule.
*Now that the charter both makes me omnipotent and is a rule, I am omnipotent.
*With my omnipotency, I close the loophole and get myself a win.

Wonko's takeover failed (pending his statement otherwise) because he didn't have any way to modify a charter; I did. Glotmorf's takeover failed because he tried to get a charter to do something, when charter don't themselves have the power to do anything. He could have set it up so that his charter did have that power, and set it up to where he could control that power, but he didn't. And your anti-takeover takeover failed because you did not give your charter the actual force of rule it needed. That, and the fact that if I won, I already closed the loophole.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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