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[spoon-discuss] RE: [Thermo] Summary of Discussion of InterNomic Activity on the B Nomic List

>> >> The B Nomic community has done a little bit of discussing of the
>> >> of trading between Nomics. Although my latest idea is still fairly
new, so
>> >> far I get the impression that the general feeling is that it would be
>> >> cool for Thermo to add a Grid like theirs and let players teleport.
>> >> objections? Any proposed implementations?
>> >I actually like the idea of a MarketNomic better.  Too much cross-over
could become dangerous
>> to
>> >our game.
>> I imagine the B Nomic folks will too - there just hasn't been much
discussion yet. Should we
>> implement my Market proto, or maybe make a seperate Nomic Hub where
multiple Nomics can trade?

>Wasn't there an older attempt at a "TradeNomic"?  Seems like that would be
a decent starting
>point for any such activities.  I can't seem to find it though, only stuff
on InterNomic.

I can't find any info on it, so we'll have to start from scratch. Does
everyone feel it would be enough of a Good Thing to merit implementation? If
so, I will try to get one started, but I am not availible to administer it
and be the Speaker of Thermo at the same time.

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