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[spoon-discuss] the wheels of justice grind so slowly...

The justice system is entirely too slow. It took me about 45 minutes to
figure out how to 'unroll' Orc's Speeder movement and Grid actions to
reset them to a pre-CFI state, and I'm probably still wrong.

I've tried a couple different times to find a clear, unambiguous wording
for the idea I'm tossing around (below) but can't get it.

I want to add to CFIs a clause that permits (requires?) players to specify
a preferred remedy -- one or more changes to the gamestate that take
effect upon a CFI being ruled True. Basically, legal Post-It Notes (TM).
You can add to a CFI comments to the effect of 'this is the illegal move,
this is what this part of the game state should be afterwards'.

I just don't know how to word it. (Actually I do, but my "Wild West
Justice" prop from a long time ago failed miserably. People just don't
seem to like the 'benevolent dictator' concept. Sigh.)


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