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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 39 BALLOT

--- Daniel Lepage <dplepage@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gnome bags do nothing against entropy meltdowns,
> because the current 
> meltdown rule forces us to go into Limbo first,
> causing us to drop all 
> our gnomes; thus, when 'all gnomes not in gnome bags
> are destroyed', 
> there are no gnomes in any gnome bags.
> It seemed to me that we should change that item so
> as not to make 
> people think that bagging would help...
> Bagging does bury inherent effects of gnomes -
> Fire/Ice gnomes (the 
> only ones with such effects) don't alter the
> temperature around you if 
> they're bagged. Bags also protect against ROS-forced
> dropping. That's 
> fine with me. But I see no reason why anything
> should let you keep a 
> bunch of Bomb Gnomes through an Apocalypse, and, as
> the rules already 
> make this the case, it seemed wise to remove
> anything that might 
> mislead people into thinking it wasn't true.

Hm.  Okay, updated vote pending.

> >>>> Proposal 1458/0: Cleanup I: Mischeviousness,
> Siren Bait, High
> >>>> Priestess
> >>>> (Wonko)
> >>>
> >>> Part 1: Yes.
> >>> Part 2: No.  Siren bait has strategic
> usefulness, especially if there
> >>> are more rocks.
> >>> Part 3: Yes.
> >>
> >> As long as players are allowed to buy rocks at
> any location at any
> >> time, there will never be any strategic use for
> Sirens at all, unless
> >> you have some reason for wanting a player to lose
> a point or two.
> >
> > A siren creates a flypaper zone around a rock, so
> a siren controls 
> > more area than a rock, or even a line of rocks,
> for far less points.  
> > Players can't move through rocks, but players
> can't even move past 
> > rocks with sirens on them.
> I don't mean that Big Rocks are an alternative to
> Sirens; I mean that 
> as long as we can drop them anywhere, we can easily
> destroy any Sirens 
> in our paths. Not to mention that Bomb Gnomes, Force
> Destruction, and 
> Speeder Lasers can all do it too. As long as it's
> easy to take out a 
> Siren, they serve no tactical purpose.

Timing is everything.  Someone can drop a tactical
siren on a rock someone is sufficiently close to, and
that person is stuck until either e toads or someone
else splats the siren.  E can't splat eir own siren.

> > A side thought...Should everything on the grid be
> BNS-based?
> Yes.

So...prices for rocks, siren bait, gnomes, etc. should
go for BNS rather than points, and points from
unauthored proposals should get one-way converted into
BNS from the bank...?  We'll need to agree on a
conversion rate and a new pricing scheme.

> >>>> Proposal 1462/0: Cleanup V: Shears and Swabs
> (Wonko)
> >>>
> >>> Hmm.  No.
> >>
> >> Any particular reason?
> >
> > Still seems like they should be useful, especially
> considering squares 
> > of type fire, Barney being on fire, and burning
> drilling rigs.
> But they've been around for many nweeks, and nobody
> has ever used 
> either. Why would anyone start now?

Because I've suggested it...? :)  Gimme a bit and I'll
write a proposal...

-- Glotmorf

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