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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 39 BALLOT

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On Monday 21 April 2003 09:14 pm, Baron von Skippy wrote:
> >>>Proposal 1456/0: Hey, a little rain won't kill ya... (Glotmorf)
> >>>I like the concept, but don't like a few things about the prop:  First,
> >>>it drains the Gnome Account.  Second, it limits the shower based on the
> >>>contents of the gnome account.  Third, it doesn't seem dramatic enough.
> >>>Change the first two and I'll vote yes; making it more dramatic would be
> >>>a >nice addition.
> >>
> >>The first isn't a bug; it's a feature.
> >
> >Which is why I said "change" rather than "fix".  You want it to drain the
> >gnome account, I don't.  Personal preferences.  Which is why I personally
> >voted to shelve it.
> -Gah... stop saying "gnome account," you keep scaring me. It's the Gremlin
> Fund e's sucking dry, not the Gnome Account. Does that make you feel
> better? You don't get payouts from the Gremlin Fund.-
> >>Third: What do you mean by "dramatic"?  Do you want a prose prop?
> >
> >As it stands now, the effects are: A bunch of Big Rocks appear.  Wow.  How
> >exciting.  What I'm asking for is something a little more interesting.
> >Fire.  Destruction.  Maybe smaller-sized meteorites that can be carried.
> >Again, it's a request, not a dealbreaker, for this prop.
> -You know what? You should be able to shoot Big Rocks with something to get
> two Medium Rocks, and shoot Medium Rocks to make Little Rocks. And every so
> often, a little flying saucer should rocket across the screen and shoot at
> you...-

Actually, that's a good idea...

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