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[spoon-discuss] Prop: Volitionals

There currently appears to be something very wrong with the internet, as I can access about half of it, but not the other. For the missing stuff, the traceroutes all go up to a certain point then just time out. So I'm assuming that some important point out there is messed up. Either with Qwest, or somebody they connect to from Dallas, from the looks of these traceroutes. Been this way for about 5 hours now.

This is relevant because part of the missing internet is the www.nomic.net server. Which means that I can't see the rules. Which means if I want to get a prop in befrore voting starts in an hour in a half, I'm going to have to wing this.

I propose the following:
If there exists a current, unrepealed rule titled __Definitions__, add the following {THETEXT}-delmited text to the end of it. If not, create a new rule title __Volitionals__ which consists of the following {THETEXT}-delmited text.

Some objects may be defined by the rules to be Volitionals. This has an in-game definition seperate from any other definition in the English language. And object is considered by this game to be a Volitional if and only if it is defined by the rules as a Volitional.

[[Volitionals are objects that are able to perform actions. This is independent of whether or not those objects have any intelligence. An airspeeder can perform the 'move' action, and one could say that it's electronics have it decide to whenever its owner mashes some buttons.]]

All Volitionals are either GridVols or Non-GridVols; any object which is a GridVol or a Non-GridVol is also a Volitional.. GridVols may exist in a location Non-GridVols may not.

Players, Yetis, Gremlins, Gnomes, Airspeeders, Armies are GridVols. Societies are Non-GridVols.

[[I leave the Admin off, and don't actually tie being a Volitional to performing actions. Doing something like making being a Volitional a requirement to perform actions is something for when/if we ever standardize actions.]]
[[End proposal]]

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