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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 01:44  AM, Glotmorf wrote:

Actually, why restrict it to a subgame? What if we just made some
random powers that could be granted to players in the game? We'd need a
minister to track who had what, but some pretty spiffy powers could be

Or would that overcomplicate things?

Probably, but some of the things you mention would make some things that exist worthwhile. For example, we're not really using gender for anything except siren avoidance, and in that one case females have a big advantage over non-females. (We could make sirens have random gender, so that some of them are surf studs, some are plug-in pleasure consoles, etc., just to make it fair.) But Extreme Sexiness could work for either gender.

In the OO system, would a special power be a property, a method, or an object? I could make a case for object.

Definitely. If worst comes to worst, we could think of them as little things you carry... sort of like enchantments in Magic - if you've got the card with you, you have the corresponding properties.

In terms of overcomplicating things, I'm working on simplifying things at least a bit...


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