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[spoon-discuss] Whee!

Just for old time's sake, here's r814/1 [[Offers]], run to Korean and back in Babelfish:

The proposal the existence water of the cranium (the sugar) jumping agrees is the set of the activity which demands. When the E commits to it per, by a proposal jumping it agrees. The E under arranging when as the flag creating it, one per, the offerer in proposal, commits it term in aerial forum. The E commits when (it accepts) as agreeing in proposal the E the aerial zero toe lon stating, per that outside, acceptance in the proposal which sleeps. Me holding and creating one thing smallness needs in the offerer. The offerer to be proposed in order existence water they is clear and distinction it does, by the either, it restricts it does not know, it is permitted and also to peel the existence which is positive it will ask and it stated the quality which it contains; When the same prohibition does not do trillionth, to be proposed in order what kind of existence it asked, it is permitted. It is proposed in the most small one existence water, it is permitted and Oh! it does. The offerer does not know the map which will withdraw a proposal always first in it passing. Party decision the activity it will be able to demand the futures or service one there is proposal. The futures demanded from per is movement of the game resources in per that outside. The service executes and it demanded it is a game activity which per it does,; When this game activity must be accompanied by the hour limit the activity must be executed and the activity hour did not execute before limit, by the accidental accident which is a prosecution of the game resources per must spread to per that outside it is accompanied it does not know. This for the futures responsibility of the sugar is, for the service where the sugar contains a accidental accident when responsibility it is, the resources which is stated when the sugar commits in proposal, inside the futures or accidental accident is removed from the sugar property. The proposal catches bell wave will become until (as the Escrow knows) the resources which talks by a proposal. When the proposal is not involved a service, when the sugar of the cranium commits to it, the proposal concludes. At that hour, the resources which it catches inside the Escrow will listen to and the that in order to receive it spreads to the sugar which is prearranged. When the proposal serves, or is involved the futures and a service, when it means all services will be executed defaulting, the proposal concludes. For a service the sugar which is responsibility by a service the hour when it is designated by a service before limit when ci really it executes the activity which becomes, the service is executed; When this hour of the sugar which talks it fails to execute the activity which talks the before limit the service defaults. When all services default are executed as soon as, when inside proposing what kind of to the service which defaults there is not a accidental accident, all Escrow it it provided it gives back original per,; When it is not like that, for the futures the Escrow it spreads to the sugar which it receives, default toy for the accidental accident of the service which boils the Escrow spreading to the sugar which it receives, for the accidental accident of the service which is executed it gives back in per Escrow provision. When or to the E the futures or the em it will be demanded theyn place accidental accident it is not, for when the resources the E the em will be demanded theyn inside place serving it will be able to execute an activity, the sugar it will be able to commit in proposal.


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