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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

On 4/19/03 at 1:11 AM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>> Actually, the demigoddic Players are so big, so badass and so powerful
>> that none of them would tolerate another of them being in the same
>> square.  It's not actually a size thing as it is a power thing.  Think
>> of it as godlike body odor.  Fortunately it's cosmic godlike body
>> odor, so the armies that navigate through the same space, lacking in
>> godlike sense of smell, aren't slain by our sheer presence.
>So are Big Rocks really the size of mountains, or do they have cosmic
>godlike... er... Rock-odor?
>I'd been thinking more along the lines of polarized or magnetic Players
>- we're all North Magnets or something. It's not actually magnetism, or
>else we'd get stuck in our speeders, but some other force... a sort of
>'player-charge' that causes multiple players to repel each other if
>they get too close. Armies aren't affected because they have no
>Player-Charge. Big Rocks also have Player-Charge, so we can't go near
>them; but much more powerfully, so no objects can get too close without
>being pushed back. Except the negatively charged Sirens, of course,
>which are bound to the Rocks. And then attract players.
>You know, if this Rumble thing ever gets off the ground, Cosmic Godlike
>Body Odor would be a great name for a Super Power. Or a Rock Band.
>Actually, why restrict it to a subgame? What if we just made some
>random powers that could be granted to players in the game? We'd need a
>minister to track who had what, but some pretty spiffy powers could be
>Some ideas:
>Enhanced $STAT - get +3 $STAT
>Extreme Sexiness - players of opposite gender move around you like you
>were a siren
>Flaming Skin - take no damage from entering Fire; take more damage when
>getting Proto-Frozen
>Jedi Attendants - get passable MO beings under your control, who can
>move and attack things
>Sulphur Rain - cause a Rain of Sulphur over a 3x3 area
>Telepathy - Dave sends you nearby players' private votes
>Stone Skin - take no damage from Big Sticks, Sledge-O-Matic, Athames;
>can't climb up elevation differences greater than one.
>VoidRunner - if you walk off the end of the grid, a square appears
>temporarily for you to stand on. You cannot put more than one empty
>space between you and the Grid without falling into oblivion.
>Leech - You may take Powers from adjacent players; if you don't do so
>for three nweeks, you die.
>Tinker - you may trade this ability with another player's ability if
>you're near that player and e did not just use this ability on you.
>Mind Numbing - Force Abilities targeted at you or objects/squares you
>carry/occupy have no effect.
>Lord of the Dance - always act like it's the Tango Season
>Slippery when Wet - move through water squares like Ice
>Cosmic Godlike Body Odor - players adjacent to you get pushed away
>Abilities not on players could be put in a pool, tracked by the
>Minister; players could then bid on the abilities in points (or BNS?)...
>Certain events could give you certain abilities - if you have more than
>twice the style/charm/BNS of any other player, you gain Extreme
>Sexiness... if you're elected to the Council of Elders, you get Jedi
>Attendants... etc...
>Or would that overcomplicate things?

Probably, but some of the things you mention would make some things that exist worthwhile.  For example, we're not really using gender for anything except siren avoidance, and in that one case females have a big advantage over non-females. (We could make sirens have random gender, so that some of them are surf studs, some are plug-in pleasure consoles, etc., just to make it fair.) But Extreme Sexiness could work for either gender.

In the OO system, would a special power be a property, a method, or an object?  I could make a case for object.


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