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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

-"So fix it" is answer one. Answer two is that, in my mind, an army of faeries has always been a couple thousand (they're really small), elves number about two, three hundred, ogres number about twenty, and the Borg are one. Well, one mind. Hundreds of bodies.-

And three hundred elves can fit in a space that, if I'm in it, can't even fit two elves?

To "fix it", as you say, could be done in a couple of ways, none of which are entirely agreeable: 1) Repeal armies. In general, I dislike repealing things until we're certain nobody uses them anymore. 2) Move armies to a separate grid. This would require a new Ministry, which would probably land on Dave, who wouldn't want to deal with it. So this would get vetoed.

-I meant fix the other thing. Let players occupy the same space. It's been proposed a couple of times. Third time's the charm! Seriously, it is ridiculous. A player needing all the space in an Elbonian Airways to themselves? Not right.-


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