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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

> <snip>
> -Yay, someone else is picking up on my idea! Maybe it stands a chance of
> doing something now. Especially since I don't think Nomicron will be very
> willing to adopt any change. *pause* And they won't want to adopt any
> changes which link us to them. They're very conservative, very
> backwards-thinking, and I seem to have slightly angered several of their
> players (read: I'm glad they don't have my address).-

Hm? Do tell...

-Go to, find a link to join, and ask the admin if you can just watch. Or join. I could use an ally... here, I'll forward something in a minute.-

> >The other possibility is to establish a grid in Thermo. Then, we could
> >convince Thermo, B Nomic, and maybe Agora (which, when I was a player at
> >least, had the Land of Arcadia through which players move and play a
> >strange
> >go-like game) to put in portals connecting them to one another. If a
> > player changes which Nomic e is geographically in, then e brings all of
> > eir things into the target Nomic and begins to be governed by the
> > movement rules of that Nomic. This, of course, allows for transportation
> > of Things.
> -So we can load Speeders to the limit with stuff and fly them through into > another Nomic? I like the idea. Hell, we could even have it so that you can
> steal things from the cargo speeders, so you need to protect them and
> stuff. I'm seeing competing firms in the transport business. It could be a
> whole subgame in and of itself.-


Actually, since Thermo has entropy (sort of), we could export Monoliths :)

-Or entropy / energy.-

> >Also, now that there is Josh - yes, that is relevant - I plan to submit a
> >proposal to Thermo that may lay the groundwork for an economy. The
> > currency would be Coins, so maybe get those into B Nomic if we go with
> > the "Free Trade" idea.
> -Well, a universal currency is fine, just arrange an exchange rate between
> it and BNS or it and points.-

Perhaps use a ratio? 1 coin : x BNS == all coins in circulation : all BNS in

-I like that, it's simple. Now figure out their exchange rate, and we're in business, so to speak.-


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