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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

Here's the executive summary of our ideas:
1.  We establish rules within each Nomic for trade between Nomics. Very
decentralized; requires greater change to add a new Nomic to such trading.
1a. We establish universal rules for inter-Nomic trade. Any Nomic can then
agree to be part of those rules, and can recognize any other such Nomic as a
possible trading partner.

-This sounds fine, but I'll just note that it's hard to implement. I've sort of turned 180 degrees into the "one treaty per link" camp. That helps with decentralization anyway, and leads to fewer people purposefully breaking the central rule to piss someone else off.-

2. ThermodyNomic introduces a Grid-like system, and there are teleports
between the two grids. Anyone on a foreign grid carries eir stuff with em
and is bound by the new movement rules. Integrates the two Nomics to a
greater degree, and gets more confusing, but allows for trade in really
straightforward ways.

-So with that, we could fairly easily link B, Thermo, Agora, and Nomicron to each other. Could be interesting, especially the prospect of using different grids to your advantage - maybe it's faster at the moment to go through Agora to the B Nomic gate than it is to just strike out for B Nomic, for example.-


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