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Re: [spoon-discuss] M-Tek's charter and membership

>-Wait, my mistake, I got M-Tek and WBE backwards throughout this message.
>you offer this sort of thing for WBE, I'll take that.-

Hmm...We could probably do something like this with WBE, though Merit would be calculated on RUs given, BNS given or purchases made. That way the people who would gain the chair are those who are doing work.

Though I'm curious...Why not M-Tek?


-It's not so much a matter of my not wanting to be in M-Tek as my not having really thought about it. M-Tek, as far as I can tell, does very little but offer solidarity for votes and make calculating people's allowances more interesting by giving them fractional Charm. While the solidarity is not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn't mean a lot with only three people in M-Tek. I'd take either, but I'd only thought about WBE in specific terms.-


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