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Re: [spoon-discuss] M-Tek's charter and membership

On 4/15/03 at 10:55 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>>>Under the terms of this charter, Wonko would become a Recruit.  Merit
>>>values for all entities would begin at zero, and we would start with a
>>>single Emeritus Chair.
>>>So.  Who would apply for the Emeritus Chair this nweek if the M-Tek
>>>charter was changed to the above?
>>>						Glotmorf
>>-Well, I'd like to state my interest in M-Tek in any case, and would take
>>an Emeritus Chair if it were offered, or apply if the opportunity arose.
>>it helps convince you, I might be interested in doing rather a lot of
>>business with M-Tek in upcoming days. More on that later.-
>-Wait, my mistake, I got M-Tek and WBE backwards throughout this message.
>you offer this sort of thing for WBE, I'll take that.-

Hmm...We could probably do something like this with WBE, though Merit would be calculated on RUs given, BNS given or purchases made.  That way the people who would gain the chair are those who are doing work.

Though I'm curious...Why not M-Tek?

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