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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] INH Charter

On 4/12/03 at 1:53 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>Okay, now we need a subgame to start with... Any suggestions?
>Here are some ideas:
>Rumble - it just looks like fun

Description, please?

>Mafia - I don't know how many of you will have heard of this, but it's
>a reasonably simple game that could easily be adapted to online play.
>The basic premise is that everyone is a villager in a little town
>somewhere, but a few of the villagers are also members of the Mafia.
>Only the Mafia members know who they all are; the citizens must figure
>out who the Mafia are and lynch them, while the Mafia members try to
>convince them to lynch innocent citizens. It's a bit more complicated
>than that, but not by much.


>Chess - A chess-based subgame with nomic-based rule changes. Could be

Would that be two-person chess, team chess, or a hybridized multiplayer chess?

Also, there's a couple products (one by Steve Jackson) that use cards to modify chess rules: each player has a hand of cards, and can play a card on his turn to change the rules.  Is this a workable/desirable format?

>Lottery - One of the simplest possible Subgames, contestants pay money
>to get in, and one picked randomly gets the profits. Sounds boring, but
>perhaps with some minor variations we could make something more
>interesting from it...

Do we really need membership in a society to run this?

>Anyone got anything else?

Well, there's Diplomacy...Once upon a time I heard of something called Hypereconomic (or "hyperec") Diplomacy, which was Diplomacy with economic factors thrown in and a semi-modifiable map.  Imagine Diplomacy where you could subdivide or merge provinces, or expand into new territories not on the printed map.


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