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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] INH Charter

On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 10:56  AM, Glotmorf wrote:

On 4/12/03 at 1:53 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

Okay, now we need a subgame to start with... Any suggestions?

Here are some ideas:

Rumble - it just looks like fun

Description, please?

Here's a rough summary of what the Subgame Ruleset could look like (I haven't worked out all the bugs yet):
Name: Rumble
Entry Fee: a number of BNS equal to any positive multiple of thirty less than or equal to 300.

Each player is a Super Hero, with a number of Energy Points representing eir general well-being, and a set of Super Powers. The objective is to reduce all other players' energy to zero without being to reduced to zero yourself, through a series of rounds of attacking and defending. Super Powers help make the game interesting by modifying any portion of the game.

** The Scribe
One Contestant, referred to as this subgame's Scribe, is in charge of maintaining, and displaying for public review, all documents related to the game that are required by these rules to be so maintained and displayed. If the Leader is a Contestant, e is the Scribe.
All other Contestants are referred to as Heroes.

** Matches
The subgame consists of a series of Matches. Each Match consists of two phases: Initialization and Gameplay. The Initialization phase is broken up into two phases: Creation and Auction. The Gameplay phase is broken up into a series of Rounds, each of which consists of an Allocation phase followed by a Resolution Phase.

** Energy
Each Contestant begins each Match with no Super Powers, and Energy Points equal to eir Starting Energy Points. Eir Starting Energy points are one third of the amount e payed as eir entrance fee. A Contestant may at any time increase eir Starting Energy Points by 10 by paying 30 BNS to INH. A Contestant may not increase eir Starting Engery Points beyond 100 in this way.

** Creation
During the Creation subphase, each Contestant may create up to three Super Powers by notifying the Scribe of them. The Scribe may veto any Super Power creation if e deems it too powerful or too tilted against/for certain players [[ So no "At any time, you may win the game", and no "Every time you do anything, $CONTESTANT gains 20 energy"]]. Contestants may notify the Scribe that they have no more Super Powers to create; once all Contestants have done this, or once a suitable amount of time has passed, in the judgment of the Scribe, since the last time a Super Power was created, the Scribe must notify all Contestants that the Creation subphase has ended.

** Auction
During the Auction subphase, the Scribe shall gather all created Super Powers into a list. E will then select 4 Powers randomly (or all Powers on the list if there are fewer than 4) and remove them from the list, notifying all Heroes of the name and nature of these Powers. Heroes may then send bids to the Scribe for any of these Powers. No Hero may submit more than one bid per Power; if a Hero submits multiple bids on a single Power only the first bid received by the Scribe shall be considered. After three ndays, or once all Heroes who can have sent eir bids to the Scribe, the Scribe will announce who bid what on each of the selected powers, and for each power, the Hero who bid highest on it loses Energy equal to eir bid, and gains that power. The Power Strength of a Power is how much was spent in this way to get it.

** Gameplay
The Gameplay period of a match consists of sequential Rounds. Each Round consists of an Allocation phase and a Resolution phase. During the Allocation Phase, each Contestant may spend Energy Points up to eir current Energy Points. Points spent in this way are not destroyed. Each Contestant must notify the Scribe of how much energy they wish to spend on defense, on attacking each other Contestant, and on any Super Powers which require the spending of energy. If a Contestant fails to specify how much they spend on any of the above before the end of Allocation, e spends zero energy points on it. At the Resolution Phase, the Scribe shall announce how each Contestant spent eir energy; each Contestant's energy shall then decrease by the sum of the amounts spent by each other Contestant on attacking em, minus the amount e spent on defense.

** Death
While a Contestant's Energy Points number zero or fewer, that Contestant is Defeated; Defeated Contestants may not attack, defend, use Powers, or be the target of an attack or power. If all Contestants are Defeated except for one, the undefeated Contestant Wins the Match.

** Super Powers [[Text taken from http://kevan.org/rumble.cgi?rules]]
Super-Powers add to the game by affecting how the Hero is able to Attack, Defend and otherwise do battle - Powers may give bonuses to Attack or Defense, or convey some other advantage. Some of them are in effect permanently, others require Energy to activate. Where a Power's text is in the form "Cost: Effect", then the cost must be allocated during the Allocation Phase, and the Effect doesn't occur until Resolution. Unless otherwise specified, powers can be used any number of times per turn. Some costs simply involve spending Energy in the same way it is spent on Attack or Defense; some require that the Hero Burn Energy - the Energy is actually lost as damage, when spent on such Powers (typically it is the more potent Powers that require Burning).
To use a power, the player doing so must notify the Scribe.

** Scribe Powers
The Scribe cannot bid on Super Powers. E has two Super Powers at the beginning of each Match:
You may choose how to put Energy into Attack, Defense, and Super Powers after the other Contestants have revealed their choices to you.
__Legislative Veto__
Spend all your energy: Nullify the effects of all other Super Powers used for the rest of the Round.

** New Joiners
When a new contestant joins the game during Creation or Auction, e may create/bid on Powers in the same manner as any other player. If a new contestant joins during Gameplay, e begins with x-10*n Energy Points, where x is eir Starting Energy and n is the number of Rounds that have finished since the beginning of the current Match.

Mafia - I don't know how many of you will have heard of this, but it's
a reasonably simple game that could easily be adapted to online play.
The basic premise is that everyone is a villager in a little town
somewhere, but a few of the villagers are also members of the Mafia.
Only the Mafia members know who they all are; the citizens must figure
out who the Mafia are and lynch them, while the Mafia members try to
convince them to lynch innocent citizens. It's a bit more complicated
than that, but not by much.


No, not really... though it could be if we wanted to play that way.

Chess - A chess-based subgame with nomic-based rule changes. Could be

Would that be two-person chess, team chess, or a hybridized multiplayer chess?

Also, there's a couple products (one by Steve Jackson) that use cards to modify chess rules: each player has a hand of cards, and can play a card on his turn to change the rules. Is this a workable/desirable format?

Could be. I don't have anything specific in mind; just a general willingness to play chess.

Lottery - One of the simplest possible Subgames, contestants pay money
to get in, and one picked randomly gets the profits. Sounds boring, but
perhaps with some minor variations we could make something more
interesting from it...

Do we really need membership in a society to run this?

No, but if not all the money is given away as the prize, then it would be an easy way to get INH some starting money to work with... I hope that entry fees for most games will cover their prices, but I'd feel more confident if we had lots of backup cash, just in case.

Also, I could see potential subgames which required resources to set up - if many objects had to be purchased and placed in strategic locations before the game started, for example - and it would be nice if INH could pay for that itself.

Anyone got anything else?

Well, there's Diplomacy...Once upon a time I heard of something called Hypereconomic (or "hyperec") Diplomacy, which was Diplomacy with economic factors thrown in and a semi-modifiable map. Imagine Diplomacy where you could subdivide or merge provinces, or expand into new territories not on the printed map.

I'm sort of looking for something that's not going to force somebody to quit playing B Nomic just to keep on top of administrating it... it seems to me that potentially infinite dynamic maps could be very, very difficult to keep track of.

However, Diplomacy would be very interesting...


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