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Re: [spoon-discuss] Step one on the road to InterNomic II

Whoops... Why don't I finish writing before I send...

The first of these 'wars' happened because Rishonomic allowed references to Agora in its rules; we could not take similar action against another Nomic unless they allowed us to affect their game.

The second war was never conclusively proven to be the work of Agora; but it is suspected that the proposals success was partially due to Agoran agents... And yes, we could player-bomb another nomic, if we had more players, and propose to end eir games if we wanted to... but what good would it do? If somebody did that to us, I'd advocate simply starting a new game, call it B Prime Nomic, with an initial ruleset identical to B Nomic's final ruleset. What would the attack accomplish, then? It'd force us to add an apostrophe after the B on the title page. W00t.


-So we keep joining and joining. They can't block (a) player names, (b) e-mail addresses, or (c) B Nomic players (if they block B Nomic players, we either add the ' to our name anyway or we just lie about it), and eventually their people will quit out of frustration. Or maybe they'll lock out all new players, in which case they stagnate. People get bored fast, you know. If we can keep something up longer than them, they might give in. What we need first is a solid ally. Another Nomic we can work with and rely upon to join with us in a mutually beneficial relationship, and who can donate people to the cause of breaking other Nomics. Let me announce that Nomicron is not the Nomic for this, which is saddening for me. Those people are too conservative to be allowed... you know, they might be a good test run for our supreme domin... er, crushing vic... er, beneficial for us plans.-


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